Welcome to The Victory Baptist Church 4150 Hwy. 29 East Burnet Tx. 78611 1-512-756-0942


The Victory Baptist Church supports Missionaries around the World
Missionaries to Military Ministry
Prayer Letter The Raub Family
Missionaries to Rock of Ages Misistry 
Prayer Letter Ed & Rita Klein  website http://roapm.com
Missionaries to the Prison
Prayer Letter The Cabrera Family
Missionaries to Phillipines
 Prayer LetteThe Bornales
Missionaries to Papua New Guines
 Prayer Letter  John & Selina Allen website http://thattheymayknow.com
Missionaries to Navajo Nation
Missionarie to Croatia
 Prayer Letter Johnny Leslie Family 
Missionaries to Zambia
Missionaries to Mexico
 Prayer letter Jose & Christina Guzman website http://tbctexas.org
Missionaries to Ecuador
Missionaries to India
Missionaries to Dominican
Missionaries to Macedonia
 Missionaries to Ivory Coast
Missionaries to Guatemala
Missionaries to Thailand
The Cones Family website servingthailand.com Email cones@servingthailand.com

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